Joint Venture

Who We Are

Sherr Joint Ventures (“SJV”) is a division of Sherr Development Corporation which offers capital and assistance to third parties in real estate ventures. Under SJV, the professionals at SDC can analyze the budget and marketing strategy for your project, help with changes and recommendations, and provide the necessary capital and talent to complete the project.

The primary types of scenarios in which the SJV structure works, are as follows:

Land Development

The owner(s) of vacant land would like to participate in the development of the property but do not have the capital. Under SJV, ownership can partner with us and we bring the capital and expertise for development of the residential, multifamily, or commercial project.

Project Completion

A real estate project has been started but additional capital is required. The project may be over budget or simply needing additional marketing talent or capital for upgrades or completion. In either case, the SJV structure brings the capital and expertise to partner with existing ownership and ensure that the project is successful. In many instances, SJV can help the initial owners avoid a forced sale.

Estate Planning

When ownership would like to sell, but tax consequences make a conventional sale too costly, SJV can help to restructure the financing and recapitalize the property such that: (1) distributable funds can be made immediately available to ownership; (2) the project can receive the capital it may need for further improvements or upgrades; and (3) tax consequences can be either eliminated or significantly improved. SJV can also assist in situations where ownership of a property consists of several partners which have different tax consequences upon a sale. Under this scenario, not all partners may have the same motivation to sell. SJV can restructure the partnership and achieve an effective sale for some partners and provide a tax-free distribution to others with continued ownership participation. The restructuring of course will depend on the facts and circumstances of each situation.

Our Mission

Under SJV our mission is simple: to ensure that a real estate project is successful for ownership. By investing in a project and having a stake in its success, we make certain that our interests and existing ownership interests are aligned. Not all projects are suited or qualify for SJV involvement; however, when the joint venture makes sense and we are involved, we can make sure the project will overcome road blocks that often get in the way.

The professionals at SDC are trained in law, accounting, finance, land development and construction. Over the past thirty years, the company has successfully developed land for and constructed thousands of residential homes, major shopping centers and multifamily communities. With an educated and experienced professional staff combined with a strong capital position, we would welcome the opportunity to evaluate a joint venture real estate project with you.

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